About SHDC

The historical, cultural, and aesthetic heritage of the City of Selma is among its most valued and important assets. 

The preservation of this heritage is essential to the promotion of the health, prosperity, and general welfare of the people. The Selma Historic Development Commission (SHDC) was created by order of the Selma City Council to establish a uniform procedure for use in providing for the protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of places, districts, sites, buildings, structures, objects, landscape features, and works of art having a special historical, cultural, or aesthetic interest or value.

Roles & Duties

The SHDC has several duties & responsibilities: the promotion of the general public welfare (within its jurisdictional area) by maintaining and increasing real estate values, generating business, creating new positions, attracting tourists and new residents, stimulating interest in architecture and design, educating citizens in American and local culture and heritage, and making the area a more attractive and desirable place in which to live.